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Shooting Range

It’s legal to shoot on my property, so I fulfilled a dream of mine by building a 120 yard shooting range for plinking. There is an undisturbed hill that serves as a perfect backstop berm,

The target setup is from Taylor Targets. I have two bases set up that live outside permanently, and I built racks to store the targets themselves inside when not in use.  The right set of targets are aligned with the shooting deck for rifle shooting, and the left set is for pistols, which I shoot from the driveway outside of my shop. Thus, the angled arrangement.

Target Stands

Target Storage

I built a covered shooting deck and a matching shooting bench at the other end of the property. I’ve never built a structure before, so this was an interesting experience.  Not counting the footings, which I poured a while ago, it took one week to build.

The lens on my phone makes the footings look out of plumb, but they’re not.  The beams supporting the roof are assembled with half-lap joints and 8″ lags into the posts.

Shooting Deck

Shooting Bench

The view of the targets from the deck.

Target View

I’m very happy with how it turned out.