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The kart is a CompKart Covert 3.0 R-22 TAG chassis with an IAME X30 engine. The stand that gets the most use by far, due to its one-man operation and the ability to hold the kart in a tilted position for storage or service, is the Stone Transformer Trolly.

The Stone Transformer Trolly has a carrier that tilts and locks in either horizontal or tilted position.
The track setup with a Milwaukee PackOut, Hunsaker fuel bottle, Stone Transformer kart stand and Sonic rolling stool.

I run it at Atlanta Motorsports Park, which is about 25 minutes from my house.

View of AMP kart track from the clubhouse balcony.

The Kart gets to and from the track in the Raptor.

Fits like a glove with one ratchet strap to hold it in.

Karting is great fun and highly recommended.