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Laundry Cabinet Made From Scrap

I needed a cabinet over the shop laundry in the finishing room. Like the rest of my shop cabinets, it is made with a walnut face frame and maple ply. I had some walnut scraps, and an old piece of 8/4 S4S which I resawed and milled to 3/4 stock for the face frame. But I used what I had, so no wood matching, but I did select an orientation that I found attractive.

Resawing the 8/4 into 3/4.
Face frame joinery.
Gluing the face frame to the cabinet.
Door Frames.
Door glue up. I wasn’t able to get a 100% equal thickness from my scrap. Thus the need for a vertical clamp on one of the joints that ended up a little loose. I wouldn’t do this on a client project, but I wouldn’t build a client project from unmatched scrap either. It will be plenty strong and fine for a shop cabinet.
Dry fit.
Finishing with shellac.
Doors hung.
Installation of French cleat.
Nugget and Sweeger approve.