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Planted Fish Tanks

I’ve been keeping fish tanks since September 2006.  This is my first planted tank, a 25 gallon tall acrylic tank. Totally inappropriate for plants. Inadequate light, pebbles for soil. The plants did not thrive.

I ultimately moved on to a proper plant tank: an ADA 75-P, set up with ADA Aqua Soil.  It was just a basic planted tank with Ryuoh stone and some driftwood.  Here’s how it looked.

Tank Mid
Tank Close

As I became more experienced, I decided to re-do it as a nature aquarium in the Amano style.

The initial planting. The fish are in another tank while the water stabilizes.
Water clear and stable, and plants starting to grow rapidly.

Here is how it ended up. Happy fish and shrimp, and an explosion of plant growth.